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The name Astroid is derived from our signature floor tiles. Those hailing from Pittsburgh immediately notice the four-point star (a fairly famous symbol here in Pittsburgh). That geometric shape, a type of hypocycloid, is called an Astroid. Originally used by the US Steel Corporation, the star-like shapes were said to represent what “Pittsburgh Steel Could Do For You: Lighten your Workload, Brighten your Leisure, Widen your World.” Three things, we believe, a good cafe should do as well.

 Astroid  a symbol of Pittsburgh’s industrial history, reimagined for a modern cafe setting.


Beauty Shoppe is known for creating beautiful and serene environments, and Astroid is no exception. The expertly curated cafe is a welcoming space designed to promote conversation and creativity, featuring furnishings and details from local craftspeople.

A centerpiece of the space is a large green mural, hand painted on the cafe’s concrete wall by local artist Seth LeDonne. The mural showcases the artist’s signature organic line-work. Beverages will be served in custom cups and service trays by ceramicist Jenna Vanden Brink. These were designed in a curated array of colors. A large-format photograph graces the back wall by Pittsburgh photographer and illustrator Karen Lue. Four round tables and four bar stools provide ample seating, and a curated playlist will provide a lively music backdrop to spark conversation, a sense of ease, and allow the business folk to recharge during the workday. The space was imagined to serve as the social hub of the Terminal Building.



Astroid’s day-to-day operations are run by Emerson Graham. Bringing a wealth of information and experience from his time at Highland Park’s Tazza D’Oro and East Liberty’s Ace Hotel, Emerson’s sharp focus on quality and consistency are hallmarks of Astroid’s menu. He led development of the signature Espressive, a low-pressure, long-extraction coffee that combines the speed of espresso with the drinkability and clarity of pour-over coffee. He loves to geek out about particle distribution in coffee grinding and frequently listens to Steely Dan.



We believe that hospitality comes from compassion and an expression of who we are. By encouraging and collaborating, we want our employees to take chances, learn, and grow. By doing this, we create an atmosphere and menu that showcases our values: warm hospitality and excellent quality.

This hospitality also extends to one another. We can’t be in service of our guests without taking care of each other first. If you are interested in the joining the team, please email to start the conversation.