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Astroid features a highly intentional menu that has been carefully curated with an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and local partnerships.


Astroid’s coffee is sourced from Brooklyn-based Parlor Coffee in a special partnership with Beauty Shoppe. The Espressive is Astroid’s signature beverage and has been designed as a seasonal rotating single origin coffee. This beverage is not available anywhere else in Pittsburgh. The Espressive is prepared similarly to regular espresso, but with lower pressure and a longer brew time, resulting in an exquisite coffee that is less concentrated than espresso and more flavorful that drip coffee. It takes less than 3 minutes to prepare, providing single-origin varietals to customers in less than half the time of pour-over coffees.

Astroid also features a robust loose-leaf tea program, with tea sourced from Somage Chamellia Tea. A few staples including Organic Earl Grey and Lemongrass-Ginger will be available year round. Single origin teas will be rotated onto the menu as they become available.



Chef Sam Cobbett of Sam’s Bakeshop will be baking his specialty laminate dough creations for Astroid. Sam is known as the city’s layered pastry expert who established himself in some of the city’s most important bakeries and kitchens, including La Gourmandine, 5 Points Bakeshop, and Madeleine Bakery & Bistro. Sam has crafted an exclusive array of pastries for Astroid. Highlights include an “Everything Croissant,” Quiche Lorraine, Matcha & Dark Chocolate Muffins, Hazelnut Financiers, and Sautéed Mushroom Tarts with Goat Brie.

The team as Astroid also prepares a small selection of lunch items fresh daily and provides a thoughtful selection of Grab-n-Go drinks and snacks.